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BWLF has been dormant since 2018

Belmont Watertown Local First ceased operations in 2018.
This site remains up for historical reference, but is no longer maintained. Thanks for visiting.

Cleaning: Residential

Surfaceworks, Inc.

200 Dexter Avenue
Suite F
(617) 926-7633

It really is nice to come home to a clean house.

You've worked a long and busy week. Perhaps you've been out of town and when you left, the kitchen was a mess, your living room hadn't been vacuumed, and you couldn't believe you were going to have to fold three loads of laundry. But as you walk into your house, you remember with relief that your cleaning company, Surfaceworks had been there. The house smells clean and fresh, the floors gleam, and the stainless steel sparkles. It's these small things that Surfaceworks takes pride in.

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